Under the leadership of Josh, our wonderful Youth Group painted the outside of a house during the week of July 20th.

    They painted from early morning until around lunch time each day to avoid the worst of the heat.  Pastor Eddie also helped.

    We're so proud of our Youth Group.

Local Youth Missions Project -- July 20-24

Contact Josh Davidson for details.


Welcome Back Packets
for FMU Students

    If you would like to contribute packets for FMU students as they return to campus (we hope), please place the items listed below in a quart size Ziploc bag and turm them in to the church office by Sunday, August 2nd.

1 bag of crackers

1 packet of pop tarts

2 mechanical pencils

1 Tic Tac container or Breath  Savers

2 packs of gum

    Thank you.

Shoes and Yard Sale Items
. . . still needed . . .

    We are still collecting shoes and yard sale items.  We will have the yard sale when it is safe and healthy to do so.

    You can bring your old shoes and your yard sale items to the gym during regular church office hours.

    No clothes for the yard sale, please.

    Thank you so much.

Kitchen Fund

Given  to  date:  $16,101.25

Please give to this fund as you can.
Help us bring our kitchen up-to-date so that 
we can better serve our congregation.


from the Wellness Team

Prayer  Walk

     Walk for fifteen minutes each day, and pray as you walk.

     Walking and praying are both great stress relievers.

       * * * * * * * * * * *

from the Webmaster

For  the Facts on COVID19

 Social media and the World Wide Web contain information from people which is just plain false.

For the facts about COVID19, check out the sites below.

S.C. DHEC Virus Information

The  White House, Dept. of Defense,
and the CDC


The Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention


Federal Emergency Management Authority

FEMA Rumor Control

Check it out before you let a rumor stress you out.






Vacation Bible School
and the
Yard Sale


    VBS and the Yard Sale have both been put on hold until we are given the all clear from state and federal authorities to meet together without fear of contagion.

    However, you can still volunteer to help with VBS; and, you can still bring items for the yard sale to the church.

Send us your email address. please.

  email button

If your email address is not in our church directory (check The Informer), please

Click on thel Email button above OR use your own email app to send an email to:


The Subject line should be:  "Save my email address, please."

In the Message, please include

-- your full name, and
-- your phone number

If you do not have a church directory and/or you are not listed in the directory, please email the information above and include your mailing address.

Thanks for your help.  If you have any questions, just call the church office.

We want to stay in contact with you in every way that we can.



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