The pandemic halted activities for months, but
the children's and youth groups are active now.

GAs Help 
Promote Giving to AAEO


    The GA's ( , under the leadership of Barbara Owens and Willie Von Langley, helped to promote giving to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.

     They gave a presentation in the Worship Service one Sunday in March.  They also made crosses to place on a tree for each $100 given.  At this writing, they have made 49 crosses.

    Thank you, GA's, for your help.


   GA's Christmas
Card Project
Cards for our Troops

     As you address your cards to our church members, just take a moment to address a card to one (or more) of our troops.

    Address the envelope : "To any Service Member. "  You can write a note inside, thanking them for their service and any other comment you'd like.. Drop it in the mailbox in the vestibule with your other cards.

     Our troops and our GA's will thank you.

February, 2020

Children Pack Over 400 Boxes!  WOW!

    EBC G.A.'s, R.S.'s, and Mission Friends packed 412 boxes for Florence School Dictrict 1 underprivileged students to take home over the weekend.  

    Check back soon--we may have pictures.


Wednesday, May 29th

G.A.'s are going to visit .

    The Girls in Action are going to visit residents at Commander Nursing Home.

    They will give the residents candy bags and colored pictures as they visit with them.


GA's Plan
Mini-Mission Trip

to Howe Springs
Fire Department

Date changed to July 10th.
Wednesday, 7 p.m.

    The Girls in Action are planning a mini-mission trip to the Howe Springs Fire Department to express their gratittude for all these 'lifesavers' do for our community.  


  About the Children's Ministry

   The GA's, Mission Friends, and RA's are groups for young girls and boys with guidelines under the ausppices of the WMU.  Leaders of these groups design actitivties for the children's spirtual growth along with character and ethics.


  Take time to thank your parents, grandparents, and entire family
for all they dor for you. 
Tell them how much they mean to you.

  (a suggestion to you young folks from the webmaster.)


    Children's Sunday Night Ministry

Sunday Nights

6:00-7:00 p.m., FLC

3K to 6th Grade

Jay and Wendy Cagle, Leaders



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