Items Needed


Small toy trucks/cars
Wash cloths


Composition books (25 cents at Walmart)
(We're praying for 800.)

Notebook  paper
Wash cloths


School Supplies 

March and April:

coloring books
small cars





Pencil Sharpeners
Cotton balls

Where in the world
did the shoeboxes go?
globe earth 2

    We have received tracking information that the shoeboxes packed at our church have gone to the countries listed below (with the approximate miles from Evergreen as the crow flies):

Ecuador, -- 2,400 miles from us

Madagasgcar -- 9,004 miles from us 

Zimbabwe -- 8,001 miles from us

hard to reach area.

    Take the time,  when you can, to research these countries.  Learn a little more about the people who will receive our Christmas boxes.

OCC logo simple gift





2019 Operation Christmas Child

tables filled with items


full boxes in FLC


    Items were donated and set on tables with care.

    The boxes were packed and placed on the stack with prayer.

    With additional help from the Youth of the Baptist church named Grace,

they helped to pack the boxes and finish the deadline race.

    They were carried to the Church Sanctuary and dedicated on Sunday with the congregation led by Rev. Eddie.

    Later, the shoe boxes were packed in shipping cartons; and, were pronounced for shipping to be"ready."

    The 1,303 Evergreen boxes are gone; but, they will not be alone.

    Yet another OCC shoe boxes cyble begins anew.  We will be glad to have donations and help from you.


Christmas tree of boxes

shipping 1

  . . . it begins with a simple gift . . .OCC logo 2

2018 Evergreen Baptist Church
nd  Smaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child

1,110 Christmas gift boxes packed with the potential to affect 11,100 lives 

Operation Christmas Child
a year-round  evangelism project

  1.  coins are collected once a month by our little chilren to help pay for th the shipping costse boxes--Coins 4 Kids
  2.  beginning in the Summer  church members and others donate items needed for the boxes
  3. in the Fall toys, daily essential items, schissor, hammers, and all items are sorted and placed on tables by gender and age groups (ages 2 to 14)
  4.  in November, boxes are packed, checked, and  the name and address of EBC, along with the name of the person who packed the box, are placed on a card which is then placed in the box
  5.  a silent Prayer is made for the child receiving the box before the box is placed on the stack
  6.  all of the boxes are dedicated in the church sanctuary
  7.  they are packed in cartons and shipped
  8.  when the box reaches its destination andis placed in the hands of a child, the special message of Jesus Christ is also given to the child in the way that the pastor or missionary determines is best



OCC logo simple gift 2

an empty box waits    

 for stuffed animals and other toys and things waiting to be packed in a box for a home

waiting for a home   

and then the loving task of packing the boxes begins

lots and lots of hard work

Special Note

     BJ Pettit is the coordinator for the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child project here at Evergreen Baptist Church.

     There is much more work year round than what is depicted in the slideshow below; but, it illustrates how the church members all work together to get this project done.

     There are 16 slides in the show.  Each slide advances at an interval of 5 seconds each.  (Photos were cropped to get the best possible view; thus, the different sizes.)


. . . it ends with a child receiving a box and a message of the  glorious gift of God's love for all of us . . .

and so we begin again the cycle of the Christmas Child box

to all the little children of the world -- we love you too


Coins for Kids

 first Sunday of each month

Bring your coins (and currency).

Remember, this money helps pay for the OCC Shipping costs.

Please join us in the morning Worship Service. as we worship our Lord.


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and used with permission  from
the Christians Unite and
Clker.com websites.

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