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8 Rode to Charlotte
to Help at the 
OCC Distribution Center


     Once all the boxes have left our area, they are transported to the distribution center in Charlotte, N.C.

     On December 12th, Pastor Eddie, Bj, Ann, Betty,Gail, Hart, Larry, and Mark took the long drive to Charlotte to help inspect, repack, and prepare the boxes for final shipment.  They worked for several hours; and, the final count of boxes processed that day was around 81,000 (that's thousand!).
     All of those boxes will be delivered to children who will be given the opportunity to hear the story of Jesus Christ and our salvation.  The photo to the left and below show some of the work they did.  Bj took these photos for us.

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OCC Charlotte bj 73


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what they did for love . . .
love of God and . . .
love of the world's  children . . .

What all our church members
did for love . . . .

Operation Christmas Child 2020

EBC members packed 1,350 boxes!

     These boxes were added to the total from other churches in our area and were transported to Charlotte for final inspection and shipping.

     EBC boxes were shipped to Honduas, Thailand, and Tansanika.  Our boxes will be distributed to children in those countries.  Children who may never have received a gift before and who may struggle for even a new pencil for school will receive a box.

     The children will tehn be given an opportunity to freely attend a class to learn about  God, Jesus Christ, and Salvation.

     Click on the arrows on the slideshow below to see photos, taken by Bj, to see the loading of the crated boxes to the beginning set up for the packing.


     Prayers were said over  every box for the child who will receive the box in each phase of it's packing, transporting, and shipping.

  . . . it begins with a simple gift . . .OCC logo 2



Operation Christmas Child Boxes

Sunday, November  15th
in the morning Worship Service.

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Operation  Christmas  Child
   Packing Party 2020

We still have many items and boxes to pack.  We will be packing again on

Wednesday, November 11th 
from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 or 7:00 p.m.

Come help if you can.   Masks and social distancing apply.


Coins for Kids

 first Sunday of each month

Bring your coins (and currency).

Remember, this money helps pay for the OCC Shipping costs.

Please join us in the morning Worship Service. as we worship our Lord.


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