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The Ark

     Earlier this summe Bj and Eddie, Betty and Mark, Ashleyand Kevin, Betty, and Susan journeyed to Kenturcky with Pat's Tours to visit The Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter.  They were awed and inspired.

     The Creation Museum presented the creation of the earth and mankind by God as outlined in  Genesis.  It was depicted as well as we humans can imagine.  A 4D theater enhanced the experience.

     The Ark Encounter provided a realistic replica of Noah's Ark as described in The Bible.  Visitors could enter the Ark and see how Noah, his family, and the animals lived while in their Ark.

     Both the Museum and the Ark  had kiosks with video explanations and lifelike replicas of animals and people at the time.

     To find  our more just ask any of our eith folks about the trip.  It is a great outing for the family.

     This was a trip that was postponed from last year because of the pandemic.  Many more EBC folk had originally intended to go.


Faith and Fellowship

   This page wil show our fellowship as we engage in other activities related to our faith.

     These are activities that wouldn't 'fit' on one of our other pages on this site.

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