The Beast Feast   

October 8th at 6:30 p.m.

Speaker:  Chris Wells
Music:  Daniel Miles

All men and boys are invited. 

FREE Food and Prizes

Sponsored by the

Florence Baptist Association Men's Ministry.




Work on Nichol's House Continues . . .

nichols 2019 2

     Fifteen men of EBC  and Pastor Pettit have been working on Bill's house in Nichols getting it closer to the point of living in it again.  this was the house that was damaged by flooding from Hurricane Florence last year..

    In addition to our Evergreen men, men from other churches have also come to help.

nivhold 2019 1

    Work now includes:  replacing  missing sheetrock; putting up trim; and, preparing for painting.

nichols 2019 3


They came . . . they saw . . .they helped.

Three Spartanburg Collge students came to help with the Nichols house.

     AJ Randall, Cheyenne Sorrocco, and Rhea Wilson came to Evergreen Baptist Church with their chaperone/leader Suzanne Bachelor in mid-October to help with Bill's house in Nichols.

     They traveled with Pastor Eddie Pettit, John Benton, and Bert Lee to the home in Nichols which was once again damaged by a hurricane.  They helped to remove mold- and water-damaged materials from the house

     We are glad they came and thank them for their help.




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