Feb 8 guest 3 before mtg
Glenda Skipper speaks with
church members before the meeting.?

After the meeting, EBC members 
and Mrs. Skipper talked.
Feb 8  guest 1 after mtg

Feb 8  guest 1 after mtg

  • 2022

     Human Trafficing

     Glenda Skipper, Director and Co-Founder of One Child at a Time, spoke to a group of women and men at the February 8th S.I.S.T.E.R.S.  Mrs. Skipper's topic was Human Trafficing. 
    Mrs. Skipper shocked the group with the amount of human trafficing going on in our  nation, state, and county.

     Human Trafficing predators prey on young people on social media sites and the dark web.  Children 10 to 14 and younger are easy tragets for these predators.

            She gave tips on how  parents can keep track of their children's online movements and emphasized to everyone that once something has been placed on the Internet that it is there forever--even if you think you have deleted it.

     Most importantly, Mrs. Skipper has worked with local school districts developing curriculum on this topic for Health and P.E. classes.  She continues to work with the districts and also with local and state authorities to capture and stop these predators.
     we thank Mrs. Skipper for providing us with information on the horrible evil of human trafficng.


Aprons Have Stories

    If you have an old apron of your Mother's or your Grandmother's or an old friend, cherist it for the stories it holds. This was part of the program presented by Betty Huntand her Sunday School class during the November meeting.

    Each woman attending was asked to bring an apron and share it's story.  Some had grandchildrens' handprints while others held memories of helping in the kitchen; but, each had a story. 

    Betty shared interesting facts related to aprons and to "Blessing Bags" which was the second part of the program.  The Blessing Bags contained ingredients which were tied to the story of Jesus and His Love for us all.  Ladies were encouraged to prepare a bag and give it to someone who they consider a blessing.

    Refreshments were also provided during which Susan Kirby presented the Missionary Emphasis for that day.  Susan gave the women a leaf-patterned paper bag with a card and suggested that the ladies pack it with something that they think a certain person, who may not go to church, might like and give that person the bag with the card inviting them to church.

    It was an enjoyable and interesting meeting.


Nov mtg B Hunt 1
Betty Hunt talks to S.I.S.T.E.R.S. about
the "stories" of aprons.


Nov Hunt group 2_edited-1


Nov Hunt and group 1_edited-1


Nov preparing blessing bags_edited-1


S.I.S.T.E.R.S. Fill Bags for the Homeless

May 7 packing homeless bags

    The ministry activity for the May 7th meeting of S.I.S.T.E.R.S. was packing bags for the homeless.  House of Hope backpack bags were given tp the group by the House of Hope staff.   The bags include essentials that a homeless person would need, such as water, body wash, wash cloth, and other essentials.  They also include a message from the House of Hope and a card from Evergreen Baptist Church.

    These bags are to be given out as each Baptist woman sees a homeless person.

    Betty Floyd told the group about another minsitry of the Florence Baptist Association concerning buying bilingual books for children of migrant workers.  A discussion was held on how we could help wit that activity.


     She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy.

Bible openProverbs 31:20


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