It's gonna be a great year!

    Coming Events

    February 3rd          Youth Breakfast

    March 4th  
         A Night of Hope with Duck Commander's
 Willy Robertson

    March 15th               Winter Jam

    March 29th-31st        Discipleship Now



    The Youth are currently studying the book A Purpose-Driven Life.

     youth and boxes

Smiling Faces, Happy Hearts

EBC Youth  Show Their Joy

1,110  Christmas Boxes for Children

Youth Director Josh Davidson and the Youth of EBC sit behind some of theOperation Christmas Child boxes which they helped pack.

             Visit the Operation Christmas Child page for more photos and information.      


Youth Baptized at Lynches River

Josh at the river

Youth Director Josh Davidson waits to baptise
two of the Youth at Lynches River on November 18th.
(See full story on Home page.)


Youth 'Gutting' House in Nichols

Helping with the Effects of Hurricane Florence


      The EBC Youth have spent days in Nichols helping to remove water and mud-damaged items, including carpet.  It's hard work, but they have accepted the challenge to also help our friend Bill.  (Pictures coming soon.)


See You At the Pole

    The youth will take time before school Wednesday, , September 26. to pray.  The See You At the Pole event  takes place at least once each school year.  Students meet around the school's flag pole as the U.S. Flag is raised for the day.  they pray for our country, the military, schools our leaders, among other things.

    See You At the Pole makes it possible for these young Christians to demonstrate their faith to others.


Evergreen Youth

Don't Sit Still

     Helping again--Youth are helping to paint and help with renovations of a lady's house in the community.

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